Catalope Games is a small game studio in Sweden dedicated to making the games that nobody else creates.

It was founded by Jesper Tingvall in April 2017 after he had participated in way to many Game Jams and wanted to try something new. He is the only permanent member of Catalope Games.

Latest news

  • Website back online
    After having some problems the website it is back online. Sorry for any inconvenience.
  • Mark of Mona Announced
    Catalope Games and No Studio in Particular are really proud to announce our next project. Mark of Mona is a hybrid Visual Novel & Puzzle Battle game.
  • Skeletal Dance Party: Afterparty Released
    After defeating the Temple of Righteous Light and hosting a huge undead dance party Reva faces her next challenge…

Latest side projects

  • Asymmetrical cooperative orienteering game. Explore an alien world where one player has the map and the other needs to find the treasures.
  • We are all sick of 2020. Sneeze it all out of your system and you might survive the madness.
  • Simple Tamagotchi game where you take care of a pet ghoul.


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