You are a fox girl necromancer and your goal is to host the largest dance party ever for your skeletal pals!

Skeletal Dance Party is Pikmin style strategy game with focus on AI and physics. The art style is made of cute voxels and sweet beats by Connor O.R.T Linning stands for the soundtrack. It is the successor to the viral Skeletal Dance Simulator. It features improved art, improved gameplay, a new soundtrack and much more!

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You can buy Skeletal Dance Party on the following sites. If you find it on any other site be careful, you might get an older version, stolen CD-key or a virus.


Jesper Tingvall
Programmer & Project lead, Catalope Games
Jesper Tingvall is the mastermind behind Skeletal Dance Party. He is from Sweden enjoys participating in game jams way to much.

Connor O.R.T. Linning
Connor O.R.T. Linning is a Canadian musician, soundtrack composer, game developer and software engineer. He has over a decade of experience in writing and releasing music as well as playing live shows, spanning genres from heavy metal, jazz, horror soundtracks, and dance music.

Reece Bridger
Narrative Designer, Voice & Casting Director, No Studio in Particular
Reece Bridger is a three-time published author, professional voice actor and content producer from England.

Sara Erenius
3D Artist
Sara is a 3D artist with severe sugar and blueberry addiction.

Artist & Game feel designer
Miku is a game designer and artist that enjoys cute things and good gameplay.

Additional help

  • Nicole Frische Playtesting and Sound Design (VO)
  • E. Jamall Sound Design (VO)
  • Lauren Harris Artist

Voice Acting

  • Jane Redd, Reva
  • Stefan Martello, Funnybone
  • Chloe Eves, Bethany
  • Aimee Smith, Gucha
  • Reece Bridger, Eek
  • Marissa Lenti, Frankie
  • Felicia Valenti, Sybil
  • CJ Heineman, Temple Forces
  • Sean Chiplock, Skeletons
  • Anairis Quiñones, Clerie
  • P.M. Seymour, Zombies